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Emotion History is a travel agency to enjoy cultural tours and immersive experiences. Our mission is to share our passion for history in a different and unique way to relive and feel historical moments in hidden and secret places with charismatic and emblematic characters from our past. Our dream is that our local and international audience can enjoy a unique experience rediscovering the most secret and curious side of Barcelona and other cities. We will visit unusual, private and off-limits spaces, theatricalizing tours, trips and gastronomic experiences. Welcome to Emotion History: the best kept history secrets await you!

Erika Fichera

Co-director of Emotion History

(Buenos Aires, 1983)

I started my way in arts since I was a little girl playing animals and weird characters that I invented. When I was 8 years old I got a scholarship at the Soleil theater school in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Later, after my experience with competitive aerobics (too restless psychically and physically), I studied clown, mime, physical theater (Lecoq technique) at the Tato Bores cultural center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I finished my studies of musical comedy in Coco Comin Barcelona (Spain), where during 4 years 6/8 hs daily of theater, dance and singing, I found the way to make my dreams come true as an interpreter of the emotional language, using the different tools of the performing arts to experiment, transmit emotions and express sensations. 

Among my most important professional experiences, I should mention: dancer and performer in the London 2012 Olympics, in the company of Rafael Amargo for the show “Amargo Follies”, Heart by Cirque du Soleil as a clown and MC actress in the show for three consecutive years, participating in events for Huawei, Cannon, Hitachi, Mutua Madrileña, Evax … , cruises, musicals, shows, in hotels, cabarets in Europe and Asia as in companies of circus, theater and cabaret shows . These experiences have given me not only the opportunity to contact different cultures, but also the way to find a universal language that unites people: the language of emotions through physical expression. 

As a director I have worked in the artistic direction for the shows of my own creation “Bon Vaudeville” held in Tinta Roja and in the Tantarantana Theater in Barcelona, artistic direction in the thematic cabaret “Cabaret Nights” in the art gallery “Ada Art Gallery, Barcelona”. I highlight the artistic direction for the show of the singer Musgö “Open the gate”, held at the hotel Edition by Marriott Hotels. As well as in the direction of the circus company “Atodozancos”, for their show “Metamorphosis”. Currently I create, direct the concepts, shows and artistic experiences in Emotion History. 

 The interpretation has made me understand that we are not an entity forged and based only on experiences, experiences, external beliefs that supposedly form the person; we are everything, we are all and all live within us, I believe that when creating a character, we look for features that we have seen, we have felt, we have learned and above all … what we are also and we do not dare to show. 

Imagine, love and create, that’s my motto.

 This is my path and I hope you enjoy it with me.

Felipe Trigo

Co-director of Emotion History

(Barcelona, 1987)

I was fortunate to grow up in a humanist family passionate about history, archaeology, travel and encyclopedic culture. As a result, I decided to pursue a degree in History at the University of Barcelona, specializing in Contemporary History. My main field of interest has been social and private history. I started in cultural tourism as a guide for the agency “VIA Barcelona” (2012), obtaining my license as an official tour guide. At the same time I developed my other great passion related to show business and performing arts. Together with Erika Fichera, Isabel Capdevila and Angel Trullen, I founded the underground cabaret company “Kriminal Kabarett” (2011) based in “Ada Art Gallery”, Barcelona. Thus I started to lead immersive and dynamic itineraries and journeys that explore history and art through the most surprising and hidden passages of the cities.

Since 2014 I have been co-director of the “Hendrick’s Congress for Curious People” in Spain, an absolute success with an audience in Barcelona and Madrid, organizing visits to collections, historic houses and private spaces, shows, theatralized tours, concerts, customized parties and gala dinners in the most unusual places.

One of the most important fields of interest for me is ancient, baroque and classical music, being a member of the Wagner Society of Switzerland and promoting concerts of this kind. 

In 2017 I started leading tours in Spain and Italy for the world-renowned travel agency Atlas Obscura, delighting their travelers through the mysteries and myths of cities and regions such as Barcelona, Catalonia, Seville, Cordoba, Granada, Rome, Lazio, Florence, Tuscany, Palermo and Sicily. 

Since 2020, I have merged all my passions and interests together with Erika Fichera to co-found the cultural tourism and events agency Emotion History, an extraordinary project in which I wish to manifest and promote my great values: originality, excellence and sustainability and the protection of the historical legacy, cultural heritage and creative industries. 

Ladies and gentlemen: my greatest wish is that you can enjoy our memorable experiences!

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