Enjoy our provocative itinerary discovering the Golden Age of Entertainment in the Barcelona of the 1920s and 1930s. On our tour through the “City of Sin” – the “Barri Xino” – we will evoke its scandalous brothels, cabarets and most eccentric characters. We will walk along the “Avenida del Paralelo”, compared to Broadway at the time, recalling the lights and shadows of its most iconic artists and theaters.
Theatralized and dramatized tour with Carmen Tórtola Valencia, the most famous dancer of this era, and the controversial politician Alejandro Lerroux, “the emperor of the “Avenida del Paralelo”.
Also available as a non theatralized tour. 
The itinerary starts at the Teatro Principal de la Rambla, the gateway to the “Barri Xino”, frequented in the 1930s by writers such as Jean Genet and Georges Bataille. Following their path, we will stroll through a neighborhood famous for its scandalous brothels, cabarets and nightclubs. Our tour will visit diverse areas: the Arnau Theater and the Apollo Theater, rediscovering the world of theme parks and freak shows, the anatomical museums, the mythical Molino Theater and other venues that have already disappeared. To end our tour, we will expose in detail the decadence of spectacle before and after the Spanish Civil War.
The tour can be extended by visiting “Tinta Roja”, a cabaret tango bar where our guests will enjoy a cocktail and a magnificent oriental dance show by Mata Hari, the courtesan, dancer and spy who visited Barcelona in 1916.

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Teatre Principal. La Rambla, 27. Transporte público: M Liceu.

Teatre Principal. La Rambla, 27. Public transport: M Liceu.
Accessible metro station. Discover here all the possibilities of accessible tourism in Catalonia.

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  • Dramatized tour: 280 euros (price for a group of 2-4 people). For more people, please contact us through our contact form.
  • Non dramatized tour: 140 euros (minimum fee of 140 euros for 2-4 people). For bigger groups, please request your quote on our contact form.
Possibility of adapting the tour to people with special needs.
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Plaça Santa Maria del Mar, 1. Transporte público: M Jaume I / Barceloneta

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