Enjoy this unusual tour through the splendor and decadence of bourgeois Barcelona in Sant Gervasi district.
Starting from the splendor and luxury in the mansions of Tibidabo Avenue during the “Golden Twenties”, we will discover the lights and shadows of the Second Republic and the Civil War. The itinerary includes the exterior of some of the most surprising upper class residences in our city: the mansion of Doctor Andreu, the “Villa Hispanoárabe” -the sumptuous residence of the antiquarian Celestino Dupont-, the enigmatic “Torre dels Castanyers”, the hermetic garden of “Can Altimira” and the orientalist house Muley Afid. In this tour you will discover why Barcelona was called the “City of wonders” and the “Rose of fire” in the beginning of the 20th century.

Theatralized and dramatized tour with actor as Dr. Andreu -promoter of Tibidabo Avenue- and actress as Madronita Andreu, his daughter and Barcelona’s most famous socialite in the 1940’s.

Also available as a non theatralized tour.

The tour starts at Plaza Kennedy with an introduction to the great garden city of Tibidabo Avenue and its main monument, “La Rotonda” building. We will discover the exterior of the palace that housed the Soviet embassy and its bunker, which hosted some of the greatest espionage agents of the twentieth century. We will explain extensively the role of the USSR in the Spanish war. Nearby, we will visit the exterior of the spectacular “Villa Hispanoárabe”, a replica of the Alhambra in Granada. The route continues to the villa and gardens of “La Tamarita”, the “Castanyer Tower”, the church of Sant Gervasi and the enigmatic garden of Can Altimira.

The tour can be extended by visiting a historic house in the area (subject to availability), where our participants will enjoy a glass of cava and a magnificent dance performance by Carmen Tórtola Valencia, the most famous dancer in Spain in the 1920s. 

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Plaça Kennedy, next to the FGC entrance. Public transport: FGC Tibidabo Av.

Accessible metro station.

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  • Dramatized tour: 280 euros (price for a group of 2-4 people). For more people, please contact us through our contact form.
  • Non dramatized tour: 140 euros (minimum fee of 140 euros for 2-4 people). For bigger groups, please request your quote on our contact form.
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Punto de encuentro

Plaça Santa Maria del Mar, 1. Transporte público: M Jaume I / Barceloneta

Estaciones de metro accesibles.

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